Under Armour Curry 4 “Flushed Pink” Is A Celebration Of Love For Steph’s Wife

Part red, part white, pink is a color that takes on properties of both the deep, fiery passion of red, the pure, untouched glean of white. That visual portrayal of pure passion comes to life this time of year in celebration of Valentine’s Day, but is also emblematic of Stephen Curry’s basketball game the purest shot in the Association paired with a legendary zest and passion for the sport, combined to create something unique and stunning all on its own.


While Stephen had known Ayesha for years, it wasn’t until a trip to Los Angeles for an awards show in the summer of 2008 that they went out for the first time. Ayesha picked up Stephen in an Astrovan, and they went and hit all the tourist spots along Hollywood Boulevard the Walk of Fame, the Kodak Theater, taking pictures with Marilyn Monroe, the Wax Museum and on it went. Stephen’s dad Dell was waiting in the hotel to take them to a glamorous athlete party, but Stephen had other plans, as he had to “see about a girl;” a girl he knew at that moment he would eventually marry.


A celebration of his love for his wife and his love of basketball, the limited-edition flushed pink Curry 4 colorway will available worldwide February 18 on UA.com and Under Armour Brand Houses.


Under Armour Curry 4
Flushed Pink/White
February 18th, 2018


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