Li-Ning WoW4 “Hot Heat”

The WoW4 White Hot Heat is a new CW this year, representing the color most commonly seen by Dwyane Wade when he looks into the crowd @ his home arena, especially towards the end of the season & in the playoffs, as most fans wear all white for a whiteout stadium look.


The white 2D mesh upper is layered over white internal straps, a white internal toe cap, and black internal full length sock bootie and a fresh execution of a white WoW CW. The sole features mixes light blue clear rubber and shiny black accents, and provides Dwyane a super-clean white look for the 2nd half of his season.


The 1st Li-Ning Way of Wade 4 release for March drops next week, Weds, March 9th with a retail tag of $190. The shoe will be available at Checkout the images below and tell if you will be coppin’.

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